The application case of a mini pump in vacuum oven

The application case of a mini pump in vacuum oven

Background information:

Vacuum drying technology is a method of placing materials under vacuum negative pressure conditions to lower the boiling point of water. The boiling point of water at one atmospheric pressure is 100°C. Under vacuum negative pressure conditions, the boiling point of water can be reduced to 80°C,60 ℃, 40 ℃ began to evaporate, because many functional ingredients of many materials (especially natural products) are not resistant to high temperature, if ordinary drying technology is used, nutrients will be lost, so vacuum drying technology came into being

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Principle function:

1.Drying by boiling point: During the drying process, there are two ways of vaporization of liquid moisture: evaporation and boiling. Water vaporizes much faster when boiling than when evaporating, and the evaporation of water into steam can occur at any temperature. The boiling of water into steam can only be done at a certain temperature, but when the pressure is lowered, the boiling point of water is also lowered.

2.Drying by melting point (also known as freeze-drying): In the drying process, the wet material (or solution) is first frozen into a solid state at a lower temperature, and then the solid moisture is directly sublimated into a gaseous state under a high vacuum. The drying process of removal is also called sublimation drying. The necessary condition to achieve this vacuum drying is that the pressure of the drying process should be lower than the saturated vapor pressure at the operating temperature.

Our Mini pump:

Vacuum drying technology has been widely used in the drying of heat-sensitive materials in industries such as medicine, chemical industry, food, electronics, and traditional Chinese medicine. Since the boiling point of water is changed by changing the vacuum degree in vacuum drying, our C series and V series vacuum mini pumps have the following advantages in vacuum drying applications:

Lower vacuum

For vacuum drying applications, the lower the vacuum degree, the lower the evaporation temperature and the faster drying time. Our diaphragm vacuum mini pump has multiple vacuum degree options such as -93kP, -88kPa, -80kPa, etc., and can operate at 40 At low temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius, 50 degrees Celsius, and 60 degrees Celsius, it can realize boiling and rapid evaporation.

Higher flow

The greater the pumping flow rate of the vacuum mini pump, the faster the target negative pressure can be reached, and the evaporated water vapor can be discharged faster to improve the drying efficiency. Our C60, C61, VTY and other series vacuum pumps can reach 15-40L/min High pumping speed is beneficial to improve drying speed.

Longer lifetime

Compared with rotary vane pumps and piston pumps, the long-life maintenance-free diaphragm vacuum mini pump not only has lower noise and vibration, but also has a longer working life. For example, 7*24 hours of continuous operation without stopping for 10,000 hours is very critical for industrial-grade vacuum drying applications.

Compatible with water vapor

Vacuum drying means that the water vapor needs to be discharged with the mini pump, and a large amount of water vapor will enter the pump cavity. If the min pump is exposed to water vapor for a long time, the inside of the pump will be rusted and damaged, which will affect the reliability of the vacuum drying system. Hilin Technology’s diaphragm vacuum mini pump is designed to work continuously under 100% saturated water vapor, and the working reliability is not affected by the concentration of water vapor.

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