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Company Values


 It is not only the attitude of Hilintec towards customers and partners, but also the working attitude of Hilin people


It’s the source of Hilin’s self-positioning and core competitiveness


It’s our principle on product quality,research and development and daily work.


Customer-centricity is our standard for carrying out and evaluating all work

People Oriented

How to define talents, how to evaluate their contributions, and how to grow together with talents

Learn from and stand among the first class

It’s our standard for self-realization, it’s our development goal and development path.


To be a driving force in innovation of human fluid technology



Create value for customers by offering high quality fluid solutions


Hilintec Profile

Chengdu Hilin Technology Co., Ltd., is an innovation enterprise located in the Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone, Shuangliu District, Chengdu, China, specializes in the research, development, production and manufacturing of micro vacuum pumps, valves and providing technical solutions; our product line includes micro vacuum pump series, micro  air compressor pump series, piston pump series, precision control valve series and related supporting products.

Hilintec has a complete system of research, development, production and testing technology and owns a number of  intellectual property rights.We can provide customized micro pump products according to customers’ needs.

Our products are widely used in many fields such as gas sampling, instrumentation, biochemical industry, beauty equipment, medical care, automatic control, environmental protection analysis, water treatment, laboratory analysis and testing instruments, etc.

Our company follows ISO9000 quality control standards. All products are tested before shipment. It is our commission to help customers succeed with our first-class quality and professional service.


In the early 1990s, Chinese enterprises introduced technology and began to develop refined and miniaturized pumps. The founder and chief engineer entered the field of micro pump design and development at this time

With the dream of providing top-quality micro pumps and better service and support for global users, anew brand “Hilintec”  was established, focusing on the research, development and sales of micro pumps; Nam quis vestibulum ligula. Aliquam erat volutpat. Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.

Located in Chengdu, the economic and scientific research center of southwestern China, an R&D and production base of Hilintec was established, which realized its integrated operation of R&D, production and testing of Hilintec products, and has an annual production capacity of 150,000 high-end micro pumps 

After long-term experience and exploration, as well as rigorous research and development and testing , our new generation of C/D/S series micro pumps were successfully developed and entered the domestic market, which proved our products and technology reached a new level;

In order to meet the requirements of global customers for product safety, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental protection,  our new generation of air pumps and liquid pump products obtained CE certification, and set up a global sales and logistics team, we were ready to enter the overseas market;

After a long period of training and preparation and strict system construction and review , our company’s R&D, production and sales processes passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification;


Our products have been recognized by many of the world’s top medical, environmental and analytical instrument manufacturers and become their micropump supplier

Products We Can Offer

We have a rich product line of micro pumps that can meet different specifications and application requirements

Diaphragm Pump Vacuum

It can be used for vacuuming and transmitting gas medium, and can work under negative pressure and normal pressure

Diaphragm Pump Compressor

It can pump negative pressure or positive pressure, and can be used to compress air or transmit gas media

Diaphragm Pump Liquid

Liquid pumps with self-priming and dry-run capabilityn, which can be used for suction or spray liquid media.

Piston Pump

Compared with diaphragm pump, it can output higher pressure and can be used for pneumatic drive and compressing gas

Pumping Instruments

Instruments based on fluid transmission and control system, used for scientific experiment


Various accessories supporting the micro pump, such as filters, check valves, regulating valves, mufflers, dampers.

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