C60 Diaphragm Mini Air Pump Vacuum

C60 Diaphragm Mini Air Pump Vacuum

C60 is a brushless electric diaphragm pump with large flow, high vacuum and long service life.It is driven by a 24V brushless DC  motor, EPDM or FKM can be used as elastomer material. Flow can be controlled by electronic signals.

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Overall Descriptions

C60 is a durable electric diaphragm pump vacuum, equipped with BLDC motor.  it is powered by 24 volt DC. This model have a big and controllable flow-rate, which is used for long-distance and large-flow gas sampling and negative pressure suction. This diaphragm pump can be configured with different pneumatic connectors and materials of elastomer.


Working Status Indicator

Only the remote control type and basic type are equipped with working status indicator lights, which can visually feed back the working status of the pump. The touch control type and top configuration type are equipped with an LCD touch screen that can display working status and fault codes.

Brush-less DC Motors

This model is driven by brush-less motors which have the advantages of long service life, low interference and high reliability.

Diaphragm Pump with High Pump Vacuum

Its maximum relative vacuum can reach -88kPa, and the flowrate can be adjusted by adjusting the motor speed. Hilintec can also provide a higher flow-rate product selection under the same product dimensions, please refer to C61 Mini Vacuum Pump


Pump Diaphragm Options

Its diaphragm and check valves can be made of EPDM or FKM according to the requirements of the medium. Together with the PA6 pump head, it has good corrosion resistance. 



Equipped with overheating protection, overload protection, power supply under-voltage and over-voltage protection and reverse connection protection function, which to the greatest extent prevents accidental damage to the pump.

Modular Pneumatic Connectors

The design of this series of pumps adopts modular connectors,using non-detachable reinforced nylon hose connectors as standard accessory.Customers can also choose Rc1/8 internal thread interface (materials can be reinforced nylon or stainless steel). This interface can be used with PC6 or PC8 stainless steel quick-change connectors, plastic (PP) hose connector, and stainless steel hose connectors.

The standard non-detachable reinforced nylon hose connectors and stainless steel hose connectors are recommended to be used with 7*13mm hoses; there are two options for quick-change connectors, matching hard tubes with outer diameters of 6mm and 8mm; plastic hose connectors are recommended to match 6*10mm hoses; customers can choose corresponding pneumatic connectors when ordering according to the specific pipeline situation. For ordering options, see section 3.5.

Speed Control Function

Only the touch control type and top configuration type are equipped with an LCD touch screen, which can control the start-stop and speed of the pump through the LCD touch screen. Flow rate can be easily adjusted through the speed control function. In addition, the top configuration type is also equipped with remote frequency speed control and remote voltage speed control functions.

RS-485 Communication Function(Top Configuration Type Only)

With RS-485 serial port communication function, the running status of the pump can be monitored in real time through the serial port, which is convenient for checking working conditions and fault history query and control.

The Modbus communication protocol based on RS-485 can be customized for top configuration type products, through which users can monitor the pump speed, start-stop control and working status.

State Memory Function

When the pump is stopped due to abnormal power failure, it will continue to run according to the state and speed of the last power-off when the power supply is recovered. When the pump can work normally, touch the screen to start the pump, it will continue to run at the speed before the last shutdown. (Note: This function is only valid on the touch control type and top configuration type.)

Speed Control Function

The flow rate of the pump can be changed by adjusting the motor speed. The touch control type and top configuration type are equipped with an LCD touch screen which can realize the start-stop control and motor speed control. In addition, the top configuration type also supports remote frequency speed control and remote voltage speed control. Through the wiring of the speed regulation connector (refer to Chapter 5 Electrical Connection), remote start-stop and speed control of the pump can be realized.

Working Status Indication and Warning

1.The basic type and remote control type are equipped with working status indicator lights. Users can understand the working status of the equipment through the color change of the indicator lights:

  • When the green light is constantly on, it means that the power supply is normal and the pump is not working;
  • When the green light flashes, it means the pump is working normally;
  • When the red light is constantly on, it means the pump is working abnormally;
  • When the positive and negative poles are reversed, the indicator light is off, the pump does not work, but it will not damage the pump.

2.The touch control type and top configuration type are equipped with an LCD touch screen. Alarm codes will be displayed when different faults occur, which makes fault handling more convenient. (The figure below is for illustration only, please refer to Chapter 5 Alarms and Troubleshooting for details.)

Technical Infomation




Material Option

Diaphragm: EPDM

Valves: EPDM

Pump Head: Fiber reinforced nylon

Diaphragm: FKM

Valves: FKM

Pump Head: Fiber reinforced nylon

Voltage(V DC)



Max. Load Current(A)


Max. Average Flow rate(L/min)


Max. Peak Flow rate(L/min)


Max. Vacuum




Material Options

Pump Head

Fiber reinforced PA6









Connector Options

Default PA hose connector/ PP hose connector/ Stainless steel hose connector/ PC6 push-in quick connector/ PC8 push-in quick connector/ PA Rc1/8 inside thread/ Stainless steel Rc1/8 inside thread

Function Options

Basic wired control type

Knob speed control

Frequency speed control

Touchscreen speed control

Top configuration








Fully Loaded Lifetime(hrs)




Unloaded Lifetime(hrs)




Motor Lifetime(hrs)




Test conditions

In a clean and non-corrosive laboratory, the pump is fully loaded (the outlet is blocked, the inlet is directly connected to the atmosphere) or unloaded (the inlet and outlet are directly connected to the atmosphere), and runs continuously around the clock; ambient temperature: 5℃~33 ℃, relative humidity: 50%-85%, fluctuates with the climate.

Working Condition

Operating temperature

Permissible ambient temperature is 0℃~50℃, it is not suitable to be exposed to the sun, and it should work in a clean and ventilated environmen


Permissible temperature of the medium is 5℃~50℃, the transferring gas is allowed to be rich in water vapor, but cannot contain solid particles

Wetted materials

EPDM, FKM as optional; fiber reinforced nylon,
tolerance to alcohol, acid, alkali, etc. (except strong acid, concentrated acid, lipids, benzene, gasoline, etc.)


  • Gas sampling
  • Medical equipment
  • Analytical instruments
  • Environmental online monitoring
  • Pneumatic automation


C60 Diaphragm Mini Pump Vacuum – Hilintec Micro Pumps

C60 is a electric diaphragm pump vacuum with large flow and long service life.It is driven by a BLDC motor. Elastomer can be EPDM or FKM.

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