C15 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Mini for Suction

C15 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Mini for Suction

C15 series miniature air pump is a compact vacuum pump with flow control function. It has a small dimensions and very long service life. Connecting to its suction port can realize the function of suction or vacuum. C15 series miniature air pump is a diaphragm air pump that can transfer air/gas by a moving diaphragm to change the volume of the pump chamber.

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Overall Descriptions

C15 is a vacuum pump miniature for gas, It is a high-end micro air pump with wide voltage power supply capability. When the battery is used for power supply, when the battery voltage drops, the flow of the pump will not be affected by the voltage, and it can be kept very stable. This type of battery pump is very suitable for portable devices that require mobile charging.

Vacuum Pump Mini Size

The product weighs about 50g and the overall size is about 50x29x36mm. Although it is small in size, it has rich functions and high reliability. For example, it integrates a working condition indicator light, and the working status of the pump can be understood through the LED light. If you are looking for an even smaller size air pump, you can refer to our D08 smallest mini diaphragm pump.


Wide Voltage Supply

It can use 3.2V~6V wide voltage DC power supply, when the power supply fluctuates and changes within this range, the pump output flow remains unchanged, which is especially suitable for portable device with lithium battery power supply.


Working Status Indicator

The bottom case of the pump is made of the light-transmitting material ABS, which can directly reflect the working status of the pump through the indicator light. Through the color change and flashing of the indicator light, the load condition of the pump can be understood.


Brushless Motor

This model is driven by brushless motors which have the advantages of long service life, low interference and high reliability.


Pump Diaphragm Matiral

The pump diaphragm of this type of pump is made of EPDM rubber, which has good life and corrosion resistance.



Equipped with overheating protection, overload protection and reverse connection protection function to prevent accidental damage to the pump.


Speed Control Feature

The flow can be changed by adjusting the motor speed of the mini pump (by adjusting the PWM duty cycle).

Or you can order from our company a special speed controller for micro pump (model: TS-G12) to regulate the speed.


Warning Feature

The color of the indicator light displayed on the transparent bottom case can feedback the working status of the pump:

  1. It is normal when the blue light flashes regularly;
  2. When the light remainsred, it is abnormal, i.e.the motor runs too low;
  3. When the red and blue lightsflash alternately, itis abnormal, and at this time,the motor speed is low and unstable;
  4. The indicator light is offwhen the positive and negative connections are reversed;
  5. When the voltage is outofthe working voltage range (3.2V~6V), the indicator light is off.


Negative Pressue

This pump works in the negative pressure range and can be used for vacuuming and gas transmission. If you need a pump that works under positive pressure, you can refer to the D15 air pump compressor of the same size.

Technical Infomation




Material Option A

Diaphragm: EPDM

Valves: EPDM

Pump Head: Fiber reinforced PA6

Diaphragm: FKM

Valves: FKM

Pump Head: Fiber reinforced PA6

Voltage (V DC)


Max. Load Current (mA)


Max. Average Flow rate (L/min)


Max. Peak Flow rate (L/min)


Max. Vacuum (-kPa)


Note: The rated voltage of the product is 5V, and the load current is measured under the rated voltage. The product can work in the input voltage range of 3.2V to 6V.


Material Options

Pump Head

Fiber reinforced PA6

















Fully Loaded Lifetime (hrs)




Unloaded Lifetime(hrs)




Motor Lifetime(hrs)




Test conditions

In a clean and non-corrosive laboratory, the pump is fully loaded (the outlet is blocked, the inlet is directly connected to the atmosphere) or unloaded (the inlet and outlet are directly connected to the atmosphere), and runs continuously around the clock; ambient temperature: 5℃~33 ℃, relative humidity: 50%-85%, fluctuates with the climate.

Working Condition

Operating temperature

Permissible ambient temperature is 0℃~50℃, it is not suitable to be exposed to the sun, and it should work in a clean and ventilated environmen


Permissible temperature of the medium is 5℃~50℃, the transferring gas is allowed to be rich in water vapor, but cannot contain solid particles

Wetted materials

EPDM, fiber reinforced nylon,
tolerance to alcohol, acid, alkali, etc. (except strong acid, concentrated acid, lipids, benzene, gasoline, etc.)


  • Gas sampling
  • Medical equipment
  • Analytical instruments
  • Portable device


C15 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Mini – Hilintec Micro Pumps

C15 vacuum pump mini is a compact diaphragm pump with flow control function. It has a small dimensions and very long service life.

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