Miniature Vacuum Pumps

Diaphragm vacuum pumps working in the negative pressure range, it can be used to transport gas and create vacuum

Key Factors to Choose a Model


The maximum vacuum of the selected pump should be lower than the negative pressure of the actual operating point of the application

Flow Rates

You can refer to the flow-pressure curve to understand the flow-rate at the actual working point of the pump

Power Supply

According to your power supply system, choose 5V/12V/24V DC or optional AC power adapter


According to your application needs and application load, select product versions with different no-load or full-load life

VTY Flow Control Micro Vacuum Pump

VTY is a micro vacuum pump for gas. It has features like long service life, low vibration and low noise level. which is driven by 24 volt BLDC, with a compact size and high flow-rate and high vacuum,the maximum average flow rate is 11L/min and maximum vacuum is -90kPa ,It is especially suitable for scenarios constant gas sampling is required.

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D27 Diaphragm Miniature Air Pump for Vacuum

D27 is a compact high-flow electric diaphragm air pump equipped with five pump chambers.Comparing with the traditional diaphragm pump,there is almost no flow pulsation for this model.which is driven by a 12V/24V BLDC/DC motor,and the flow-rate can be adjusted by input PWM signal. It has a high cost performance, long service life, small dimensions. Connecting to its suction port can realize the function of suction or vacuum.

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D11 Precision Micro Pressure Gas Pump

The D11 is a compact precision micro pressure pump with flow control function.It has a small dimensions, long service life, low vibration and low noise level.the maximum average gas flow rate is 0.9L/min,The flow rate can be controlled by adjusting the input voltage.and the flow pulsation is extremely it’s very suitable for scenes that require small volume, large flow, low pressure.


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C61 Diaphragm Mini Air Pump for Vacuum

C61 is a large-flow electric diaphragm air pump, which is used for long-distance and large-flow gas sampling and vacuuming, and has a long service life. Its maximum average flow can reach 26.5L per minute, and the flow-rate can be adjusted by adjusting the motor speed. Its maximum relative vacuum can reach -65kPa.

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C60 Diaphragm Mini Air Pump Vacuum

C60 is a brushless electric diaphragm pump with large flow, high vacuum and long service life.It is driven by a 24V brushless DC  motor, EPDM or FKM can be used as elastomer material. Flow can be controlled by electronic signals.

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C50 Mini Diaphragm Pump for Vacuum

C50 is a brushless electric diaphragm pump with adjustable flow, which can be used to transport gaseous media or vacuum.It can be controlled by a variety of electronic signals, including touch LCD screen and RS485 and Modbus protocols.

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C30 Diaphragm Mini Air Sampling Pump for Vacuum

C30 is a long-life low-noise electric diaphragm pump with modular connectors. It is driven by a brushless motor and  be equipped with elastomers made of EPDM or FKM. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, low working noise and low vibration 

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C26 Diaphragm Micro Vacuum Pump for Gas

C26 series miniature air pump is a compact micro vacuum pump with digital flow control function and BLDC motor. It has a small dimensions, long service life, low vibration Connecting to its suction port can realize the function of suction or vacuum. C26 series miniature air pump pump is a diaphragm air pump that can transfer air/gas by a moving diaphragm to change the volume of the pump chambers.

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