VTY Flow Control Micro Vacuum Pump

VTY Flow Control Micro Vacuum Pump

VTY is a micro vacuum pump for gas. It has features like long service life, low vibration and low noise level. which is driven by 24 volt BLDC, with a compact size and high flow-rate and high vacuum,the maximum average flow rate is 11L/min and maximum vacuum is -90kPa ,It is especially suitable for scenarios constant gas sampling is required.

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Overall Descriptions

VTY is a durable flow control micro vacuum pump, equipped with BLDC motor.  it is powered by 24 volt DC. This model is widely used for air sampling pump and vacuum pump that requires large flow and high vacuum,which is used for long-distance gas sampling and negative pressure suction.This model works in the negative pressure range. If you need to work in the positive pressure range or pass through the positive and negative pressures, you can choose the D60 Mini Air Compressor Pump model with similar parameters.

Long Service Life Under Max Load

This diaphragm gas pump can operate continuously at maximum load.the estimated fully loaded lifetime can reach 8000hours under the high negative pressure.


Brush-less DC Motors

This model is driven by brush-less motors which have the advantages of long service life, low interference and high reliability.


High Vacuum

Its maximum relative vacuum can reach -90kPa, and the flowrate can be adjusted by adjusting the motor speed. Hilintec can also provide a higher flow-rate product selection, please refer to C61 Mini Vacuum Pump



Equipped with overload protection and reverse connection protection function, which to the greatest extent prevents accidental damage to the pump.


Speed Control Function

The flow can be adjusted by changing the motor speed through the input voltage signal.


Maintenance Free,Pollution-free Transmission

It has pollution-free transmission feature. This model is maintenance-free and allowing the medium to contain water vapor.


Industrial-grade Reliability 

In response to industrial-grade reliability requirements, we have designed a special test process for possible load conditions. Therefore, no matter what load the product actually works under, its actual service life can reach and exceed its nominal service life. If the actual working load is less than the nominal maximum load, its life can be further extended. Therefore tt can operate without stopping for a long time under the maximum load. The product has passed the life test under the maximum load, and can promise to reach the nominal life under various loads.


Excellent Gas Tightness 

The specially designed double sealing structure can ensure the good air tightness of the product. According to user requirements, the air tightness can be specially tested and a corresponding report can be issued. Good airtightness makes it can be used to transmit high-value or hazardous gases. It can also be used in occasions where precise analysis of gas composition is required.

Technical Infomation






Material Option

Diaphragm: EPDM

Valves: EPDM

Pump Head: Fiber reinforced nylon

Diaphragm: EPDM

Valves: EPDM

Pump Head: Fiber reinforced nylon

Diaphragm: EPDM

Valves: EPDM

Pump Head: Fiber reinforced nylon

Voltage(V DC)




Max. Load Current(mA)




Max. Average Flow rate(L/min)




Max. Peak Flow rate(L/min)




Max. Vacuum (-kPa)





Material Options

Pump Head

Fiber reinforced PA6







Connector Options

PA hose connector

Function Options

Basic type






Fully Loaded Lifetime(hrs)


Unloaded Lifetime(hrs)


Motor Lifetime(hrs)


Test conditions

In a clean and non-corrosive laboratory, the pump is fully loaded (the outlet is blocked, the inlet is directly connected to the atmosphere) or unloaded (the inlet and outlet are directly connected to the atmosphere), and runs continuously around the clock; ambient temperature: 5℃~33 ℃, relative humidity: 50%-85%, fluctuates with the climate.

Working Condition

Operating temperature

Permissible ambient temperature is 0℃~50℃, it is not suitable to be exposed to the sun, and it should work in a clean and ventilated environmen


Permissible temperature of the medium is 5℃~50℃, the transferring gas is allowed to be rich in water vapor, but cannot contain solid particles

Wetted materials

EPDM, fiber reinforced nylon,
tolerance to alcohol, acid, alkali, etc. (except strong acid, concentrated acid, lipids, benzene, gasoline, etc.)


  • Gas sampling
  • Medical equipment
  • Analytical instruments
  • Environmental online monitoring
  • Vacuum Suction


VTY Flow Control Micro Vacuum Pump – Hilintec Micro Pumps

VTY is a electric diaphragm air pump with high vacuum and long service life.It is driven by a BLDC motor.

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