modbus remote control pumps

All New Modbus Pump Technology Has been Released by Hilintec

Modbus protocol

Modbus technology application scenarios

Hilin Technology‘s mini pump products are widely used in VOCs volatile organic compounds monitoring, environmental online monitoring, smart granaries, smart city gas detection, CEMS flue gas monitoring and other fields. Those pumps provide gas transportation for gas sampling, gas transmission, and vacuum applications. The pump needs to be controlled remotely, and cooperates with a variety of sensors such as pressure sensors, etc., to work according to the sensor feedback information under the scheduling of the central control device, and it is necessary to monitor and alarm the pump’s operation in real time. By supporting the Modbus communication protocol, it is easy to integrate Hilintec micro pumps with various intelligent instruments and control systems at industrial control sites.

Modbus RTU protocol based on RS-485

Modbus was invented by Modicon (now a brand of Schneider Electric) in 1979 and is the world’s first bus protocol that is truly used in industrial sites. Modbus RTU is a compact, serial communication method that uses binary to represent data, and relies on the RS485 serial port for communication at the physical layer.

Remote start and stop control function

The Modbus communication protocol developed by Hilintec supports the control of the start and stop of the pump. The user can send the start and stop control signals through the host to control the start and stop of the pump, thereby realizing the on-off control of the medium transmission.

Speed control function

The speed of the modbus pump is controlled by communication protocol. The user can send the speed control signal through the host to control the speed of the pump to achieve the flow control of the medium transmission.

Working condition monitoring function

The host can query the working status of the mini pump in real time, such as whether it is started, working speed, running time, whether there are faults and historical faults, so that the central control system can understand the working status of the gas circuit and air source, power supply voltage fluctuations, load status, micropump Working conditions such as remaining life.

Models supported

At present, Hilin Technology’s C50 series top-configration products, D50 series top-matching products, C60 series top-configration products can be customized to support remote control features. For more other models, please contact Hilintec’s pre-sales engineers for customization.

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