How to choose a suitable micro water pump?

How to choose a suitable micro water pump?

Determine the requirements:

1. Make the type and performance of the selected micro water pump meet the requirements of process parameters such as device flow, pressure height, pressure, temperature, and suction height.

2. Must meet the requirements of medium characteristics. For pumps conveying flammable, explosive, toxic or precious medium, reliable shaft seals or non-leakage pumps are required, such as magnetic drive pumps, diaphragm pumps, shielded pumps, etc. For pumps conveying corrosive medium, corrosion-resistant materials are required for convection parts, such as stainless steel corrosion-resistant pumps and engineering plastic magnetic drive pumps. For pumps conveying medium containing solid particles, the convection parts are required to be made of wear-resistant materials, and the shaft seal should be flushed with clean liquid if necessary.

3. High mechanical reliability, low noise and small vibration.

4. Economically, the total cost of equipment costs, operation costs, maintenance costs and management costs should be considered to be the lowest.

After determining the above requirements, you can perform the following screening:

1. According to the layout of the device, terrain conditions, water level conditions, operating conditions, comparison of economic plans and other factors. Consider choosing horizontal, vertical and other types (pipeline, right-angle, variable-angle, corner, parallel) , vertical, upright, submersible, detachable, submerged, non-clogging, self-priming, gear, oil-filled, water-filled).

2. According to the nature of the liquid medium, determine the clean micro water pump, hot micro water pump, oil return pump, chemical pump or corrosion-resistant pump or impurity pump, or use a non-clogging pump. For pumps installed in explosive areas, explosion-proof motors should be used according to the level of explosive areas.

3. The amount of vibration is divided into: pneumatic and electric (electric is divided into DC and AC).

4. According to the flow rate, choose single-suction pump or double-suction pump; according to the pressure height, choose single-suction pump or multi-suction pump, high-speed pump or low-speed pump (air-conditioning pump), multi-stage pump efficiency is lower than single-stage pump, when both single-stage pumps and multi-stage pumps can be used, single-stage pumps should be selected.

5. After determining the specific model of the micro water pump and what series of pumps to use, the two main performance parameters of the pressure height after setting a 5%-10% margin according to the maximum flow rate can be displayed on the type spectrum or series characteristic curve Determine the specific model. Using the pump characteristic curve, find the required flow value on the abscissa, find the required pressure height value on the ordinate, and draw a vertical or horizontal line from the two values upwards and rightwards respectively. The intersection point of the two lines just falls on the characteristic curve, then This micro water pump is the one to choose.

Here are some models of our hot selling micro water pump:

S15—Wide Voltage Power Supply

micro water pump

S23—Low Noise

S36—Flow Adjustable

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