How to obtain the actual life of the tiny diaphragm air pump from the life parameters published by the manufacturer?

How to obtain the actual life of the tiny diaphragm air pump from the life parameters published by the manufacturer?

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Since there is no unified life test standard in the tiny diaphragm air pump industry, different manufacturers have various nominal lifespans. In terms of the nominal method of life, different manufacturers have different nominal strategies, such as:

Strategy 1. Not announcing the lifespan: Some tiny diaphragm air pump manufacturers choose not to announce the lifespan, but instead inform customers that the lifespan is different under different working conditions and loads. The specific lifespan value needs to be tested by the customer themselves;

Strategy 2: Announce motor lifetime: Some manufacturers use nominal motor lifetime parameters to refer to the overall machine life;

Strategy 3: Publish the lifetime of the complete machine but not the test conditions: The manufacturer’s nominal lifetime is the no-load non-stop lifetime. The actual life under different loads or intermittent operation needs to be tested by the customer.

In terms of nominal lifetime parameters, Hilin tiny diaphragm air pumps have strict life test methods and test data under different working conditions for customer selection reference:

1. Full load lifetime

Test conditions: D series(such as D23,D35,D50..) blocks the outlet, and C series(such as C15,C30,C60…) blocks the air inlet, so that the tiny diaphragm air pump can work continuously for 24 hours under the maximum pressure/vacuum condition. This working condition is the working life under the maximum load. Generally, during actual use by the customer, if the actual load is lower than the maximum load, the actual lifetime will exceed this lifespan;

2. No-load lifetime

Test conditions: The air inlet and outlet of the tiny diaphragm air pump are vented to the atmosphere, so that the tiny diaphragm air pump can work continuously under normal pressure for 24 hours without stopping. This working condition can be used as the estimated life parameter when used with light load. When the customer’s actual load is between no-load and full-load, the estimated life is also between no-load life and full-load life;

3. Motor lifetime

Test conditions: Motor life test conditions: In a good ventilation and heat dissipation environment, the motor works continuously for 24 hours without any load. This data serves as the theoretical life of the tiny diaphragm air pump for customers to evaluate. It should be noted that when the actual service life exceeds the life of the motor, it does not mean the end of the life, but there is a greater probability of damage. As a manufacturer, the manufacturer cannot guarantee product reliability. In fact, many products still operate normally and have good performance even after the life of the motor has expired.

When calculating the nominal lifetime, our company adopts the test method of “continuous operation of the complete machine under maximum rated load”, which is the life obtained from the worst working conditions under maximum load and 24 hours of uninterrupted continuous operation.

Our pumps of the same model can be divided into three versions, simplified version, standard version and premium version. The lifespan of different versions is different. Generally speaking, the lifespan of the simplified version is more than 2500 hours, the lifespan of the standard version is more than 6000 hours, and the lifespan of the premium version is 10,000 ~12,000 hours or more, it is a high-reliability product that can operate continuously for a long time.

What needs to be noted here is that because our company’s tests are tested and rated under the worst working conditions, when customers use small loads and intermittent use, the life of the tiny diaphragm air pump will be greatly increased, and the actual service lifetime can reach the nominal value of 2 -3 times or more.

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