How to adjust the flow and speed of the electric mini pump?

electric mini pump

How to adjust the flow and speed of the electric mini pump?

All product series of our company have models that can adjust the flow rate by adjusting the motor speed. For customers who need to flexibly adjust the air pumping or water pumping flow rate of the electric mini pump, they can choose the corresponding model to achieve flow adjustment needs according to their needs.

1. Electric mini pump with built-in speed control circuit

At present, our company develops C series, D series and S series products. Most models have built-in speed control circuits. The speed of the motor can be controlled through the LCD touch screen, speed knob switch or speed control signal, thereby adjusting the output of the electric mini pump. flow. For products with flow control circuits, you can choose touch-control type, top-matching type, knob speed-adjusting type or frequency speed-adjusting type product models according to the application scenario to achieve flexible and convenient adjustment.

2. Pumps that support PWM signal speed regulation

Most of our company’s products provide products that support PWM signal speed regulation. PWM signals can be generated by host controllers such as PLC and microcontrollers to achieve speed control.

For customers who do not have programming capabilities or are inconvenient to control through signals, our company provides The TS series electric mini pump special speed regulator is used with the electric mini pump to achieve speed control through the speed regulator. The TS series special speed regulator controls the on/off and speed control of the electric mini pump through the LCD touch screen. It is easy to use and does not require a high technical threshold. Plug and play can be implemented.

3. Products driven by brush motors

For some products driven by brush motors, the speed can be adjusted by adjusting the supply voltage within the rated voltage.


4. Products whose flow rate cannot be adjusted at the factory

For customers with special needs who need to order a special flow rate but do not need to frequently adjust the flow rate, they can order a model with a factory-set flow rate without speed adjustment function, and add flow customization options. Our company can The product flow rate is customized and calibrated before leaving the factory to meet customers’ needs for special flow rates. For details, please contact our sales manager.

What are the differences  between  pump speed regulation and throttle valve flow regulation?

During the actual use process, due to discrepancies in model selection estimates, consideration of margins, flow attenuation, etc., cause the required flow rate during actual use to not completely match the rated flow rate of the electric mini pump. The flow rate of the air pump needs to be adjusted to achieve the required flow rate. Requires traffic. There are generally two ways to adjust the flow rate.

One is to rely on the speed regulation function of the pump itself to adjust the flow rate. The other is to add external components such as throttle valves and flow adjustment valves to the pipeline to adjust the flow rate. Both methods are used to adjust the flow rate. This method of adjusting flow can be selected according to your own working conditions.

1.Pump comes with speed adjustment function

Our electric mini pumps mainly use PWM, knob, and frequency speed adjustment. Some of the top configuration of our products can be adjusted by touch screen. This type of pump is suitable for use in scenes controlled by a host computer:

1). Advantages: Directly output a pwm signal, frequency signal, voltage signal, etc. through PLC or microcontroller. The pump’s electrical board receives this signal and adjusts the electric mini pump speed according to the signal. When the electric mini pump speed decreases, the flow rate decreases. As the speed of the electric mini pump increases, the flow rate also increases accordingly, realizing automatic control of gas sampling or transmission gas flow.

The use of signals to control the electric mini pump speed to adjust the flow rate facilitates the integration of the pump into the automatic control system for dynamic flow control. There is no need for an external throttle valve. The gas-liquid circuit structure is simple. Convenient UIs such as knobs and LCD screens can also be opened to the user at any time. Adjustment and control

2). Disadvantages: By reducing the speed to reduce the flow rate, the pulsation of the air flow will be highlighted. If the air flow stability is required, it should be used with caution; the adjustment range is limited, and the pump motor operating speed adjustment range is limited by the rotational torque limit. , the flow rate adjusted by this type of adjustment method is about half of the full load capacity. If the average no-load flow rate is 6L/min, then the adjustable range is approximately 3L-6L/min.

3). Selection guidance: If you need to integrate the pump into the automatic control system and adjust the flow through signals, you can choose a product series that supports PWM signal speed regulation, frequency signal speed regulation, and voltage signal speed regulation, such as C09/C15/D15/ D23/S23 series supports PWM signal speed regulation, and the C09/C26/C30/D35/S36/C50/D50 series supports frequency signal speed regulation. If you need manual control for speed adjustment, you can choose products with knob speed adjustment or LCD touch speed adjustment, such as C09/C26/C30/D35/C50/D50 and other products. Contact our pre-sales engineer for details.

2.Throttle valve speed control

The throttle valve speed adjustment is to connect the valve to the gas pipeline and realize the speed adjustment by opening and closing the pipeline diameter. It is suitable for use in laboratories and scenarios with high fluid transmission precision:

1). Advantages: Adjust the size of the diameter to adjust the flow, so the adjustment from zero to full flow can be achieved; if the accuracy of the valve is high enough, the flow can also be fine-tuned. During experimental testing, quantitative adjustment is required, so it is often used. The valve is used to adjust the flow; since the flow is adjusted by opening and closing the diameter, the pulsation of the air flow is very low, which is much smaller than the previous method.

2). Shortcomings: Manual mechanical flow adjustment is not as convenient as automatic adjustment in industry. Frequent flow adjustment is labor-intensive; the valve needs to be used in conjunction with the pipeline. If the pipeline has been confirmed, it needs to be transferred through transfer or other methods. The valve is connected to the circuit. Valves that support automatic signal adjustment are often more expensive, and the economical ones are not as economical as directly controlling the speed pump to adjust the flow rate.

3). Selection guidance: If you need to select manual control throttle valve products, you can choose FA/FB series precision control valves according to the pipeline size.

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