Miniature Liquid Pump

Miniature diaphragm pump for water and other liquid, which can dry run and self priming

Key Factors to Choose a Model


Liquid pump suction and head, maximum vacuum and maximum pressure are related indicators

Flow Rates

Need to pay attention to the no-load flow and the flow at a certain suction or head

Power Supply

According to your power supply system, choose 5V/12V/24V DC or optional AC power adapter.


According to your application needs and application load, select product versions with different no-load or full-load life.


S17 Diaphragm Micro Water Pump

S17 is an industrial-grade product suitable for cost-constrained scenarios. It has a continuous working life comparable to a brushless motor fluid pump and can meet the reliability requirements of industrial-grade applications. It has a very compact size and excellent liquid transmission performance.

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S36 Micro Diaphragm Small Liquid Pump

S36 is a high pressure liquid pump with adjustable flow rate. It is an electric diaphragm pump. It has two pump chambers and can output liquid with low pulsation.It is driven by a brushless motor and has two pump chambers, which can adjust the flow rate through control signals. It can dry run, can be self-priming, has good corrosion resistance, and can choose to configure different connectors according to application requirements. 

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S15 Micro Diaphragm Liquid Pump Fluid

S15 series liquid pump is 3.2-6V wide voltage power supply and suitable for li-ion battery power supply. It has a small dimensions, long service life.  It has two models, which can provide 20ml/min or 150ml/min liquid flow respectively.

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