Silencer for Micro Pumps

Silencer for Micro Pumps

The miniature air pump silencer uses a similar principle to the exhaust pipe silencer of a car.

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Overall Descriptions

The miniature air pump silencer uses a similar principle to the exhaust pipe silencer of a car. The principle of a muffler is that its gas pipe is composed of two pipes of different lengths. The two pipes are separated and then meet. Since the difference in length between the two pipes is equal to half the wavelength of the sound wave emitted by the pump, When the two rows of sound waves interfere with each other when they are superimposed, the sound intensity is weakened, and the sound is reduced, thereby achieving the effect of acoustic quieting.


Housing material

The shell is of the silencer or muffler made of reinforced PA6.

How to use

The product can be installed on the upstream and downstream of the pump, there is no directionality when connecting, and it can be connected in any direction. When the silencer is connected to the air system, it will produce a certain effect. According to the specific situation and use conditions of the air system, the noise reduction effect is different. Connect a muffler to the suction port and the exhaust port of the pump, and the noise reduction effect is the best. 

Matching pipe diameter

Option 1 matching silicone tube size: 5*9mm.

Option 2 matching silicone tube size: 7*13mm.

Technical Infomation



Silencer for Micro Pumps – Hilintec Micro Pumps

The miniature air pump silencer is a device that can effectively reduce the operating noise of the air pump

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