Flow Stabilizer for Miniature Gas Pumps

Flow Stabilizer for Miniature Gas Pumps

The miniature air pump silencer uses a similar principle to the exhaust pipe silencer of a car.

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Overall Descriptions

A gas flow stabilizer is a passive fluid component that can reduce or eliminate airflow pulsation. It uses the principle of small holes and expansion to convert unstable pulsating airflow into smooth airflow. For reciprocating pumps, such as diaphragm pump or piston pump, airflow pulsation may cause trouble for airflow sampling, composition analysis, and flow analysis. After matching with a flow stabilizer, the pulsation is eliminated, which can greatly simplify the research and development difficulties caused by the above problems.

Flow stabilization effect

The FS0004A flow stabilizer adopts a buffer and steady flow structure to stabilize the airflow pulsation and achieve a good steady flow effect.

Long Lifespan

The product has a compact structure, no moving parts, no wear, and has a significant lifespan advantage.

Chemical stability

The main body of the FS0004A flow stabilizer is made of reinforced nylon, and the internal components are made of stainless steel. In order to ensure a good seal, a nitrile material sealing ring is used to ensure the sealing performance. The main material is resistant to alkali, most salt solutions, weak acids and some organic compounds, with good flame retardancy and anti-aging performance; the internal material is anti-oxidative and corrosion-resistant; the seal material has good oil resistance, wear resistance and good anti-aging performance

Modular Connector

The flow stabilizer has Rc1/8 internal thread interface, which can be matched with three different specifications of connectors to adapt to different occasions. the standard small straight hose connector is recommended to be matched with 6*8 silicone hose, the large straight hose connector is recommended to be matched with 8*10 silicone hose connector, and the elbow connector is recommended to be matched with 6*8 silicone hose connector. Please refer to chapter 2.3 in user manual for connector options.

Easy and Quick Installation

The product is equipped with two movable mounting brackets, which are fixed by two M3 screws, and the mounting distance between the mounting screws is 13-62 mm, see chapter 6.1 in user manual for details. During installation, the screw spacing can be adjusted according to the installation position, and the installation range is large, which is convenient and quick.

Technical Infomation


  • Work with diaphragm or piston pumps
  • Medical equipment
  • Analytical instruments
  • Environmental online monitoring
  • Business Machines
  • Vacuum generating
  • Lab Automation


Flow Stabilizer for Micro Pumps – Hilintec Micro Pumps

Flow stabilizer is a passive fluid component that can eliminate airflow pulsation. It convert unstable pulsating airflow into smooth airflow.

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