Portable Zero Air Generator-Hilin Micro Piston Pump

1.Application Background

The zero gas generator is an intelligent instrument that obtains standard zero gas by processing air and is used to generate pure gas and standard gas dilution gas for correcting the zero point of each monitoring instrument in the automatic atmospheric monitoring system.

Zero gas refers to the gas that adjusts the minimum scale of the gas analyzer. and gases that show zero when entering the analyzer. It should contain no components to be measured or interfering substances, but may contain components that are not relevant to the determination. Generally, high-purity nitrogen or clean air containing no components to be measured is used as zero gas.

2. Work flow of zero air generator

1. When the equipment is running, the air will first be compressed by the Micro Piston Pump, and then pass through the coalescing filter to filter out all the moisture in the air.

2. It plays the role of catalysis and oxidation in the gas storage reaction chamber. The working temperature is generally 375-500°C. The main function of the reaction chamber of the zero air generator is to oxidize carbon monoxide in the air into C02. In addition, it will oxidize the HC and methane into water and remove all C02.

Micro Piston Pump

3. Technical requirements for portable zero air generator:

Generally, zero air generators use traditional air compressors, which are mostly used in large or vertical zero air generators. The advantages are large flow rate and fast zero air generation; however, the Micro Piston Pump is noisier and the equipment is used in a relatively fixed location. Compared with small zero air generators, the Micro Piston Pump used in it is small in size, has relatively low noise, and has more equipment application places.

1. Output air relative hydrocarbon concentration (such as methane): <0.1PPM

2. Input air relative hydrocarbon concentration (such as methane): <100PPM

3. Input air pressure: 0~0.6MPa

4. Output flow: 1000ml/min

5. Power supply: 220V±10% 50~60Hz

6. Power consumption: 150W

7. Working temperature: 450-500℃

8. Operating environment temperature: 0-40℃, good ventilation

10. Overall dimensions: 350×430×176 (mm)

11. Net weight: about 10 Kg

4. Hilin Micro Piston Pump recommendation—–D16M

1. Hilin Technology D16M model Micro Piston Pump uses a high-quality DC brush motor with built-in interference suppression circuit, which has the advantages of long life, low interference, and high reliability. It can operate continuously for 24 hours without stopping for cooling.

2. Micro Piston Pump nozzle connector: The standard PC8 stainless steel quick-in connector is used with an 8mm outer diameter hard pipe; a 6mm PC stainless steel quick-in connector and an R1/8 reinforced nylon pagoda used with 4*8 hoses can also be used Gas nozzle;

Customers can choose different valve connectors according to actual conditions, and special instructions are required when ordering.

3. Micro Piston Pump size: 133×47×83mm.

5. Micro Piston Pump parameters and specifications

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