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Positive Pressure Diaphragm Micro Pumps

This series of diaphragm gas pumps can be used as a positive pressure compressor or a negative pressure vacuum pump without contaminating the media.Those products uses a motor to drive the diaphragm to reciprocate and realize gas transmission with the cooperation of a integrated one-way valve. They are often used for compressed air, gas transmission, gas sampling, and pneumatic drive, with good air tightness, corrosion resistance and working life.

Vacuum Pumps


Vacuum Gas Pumps and Air Sampling Pumps

This series negative pressure diaphragm pumps  can be used to suck gas, create vacuum, and transport gas.These miniature diaphragm negative pressure pumps not only have good corrosion resistance, but also can work with low noise and vibration, and have good air tightness. They are often used for gas sampling, medical equipment, gas analysis, etc.

Liquid Pumps


Vacuum Liquid Pumps and Water Pumps

 This series of diaphragm vacuum liquid pumps can be used not only to transfer liquids, but also to transfer gases or gas-liquid mixtures. They are dry-running, self-priming, corrosion-resistant, and will not contaminate the medium. These mini pumps have extremely high reliability and are often used in industrial liquid circulation and liquid transmission.

Control Valves


Precision Control Valves

 This series of control valves can be used with micro pump products to finely adjust flow rate, vacuum and output pressure manually. These regulating valves can be adapted to pipes of different diameters.

Piston Pumps


AC Power Pumps

 This series of AC power piston pumps can be used to output high flow rate air and high negative or positive pressure in a compact volume. They usually provide higher vacuum and pressure than diaphragm pumps. These piston pumps are often used in medical equipment and pneumatic equipment that require large pressure and flow-rate.



Accessoires for Pumps

 This series of accessories include BLDC speed controllers, power modules, filters, silencers, flow stablizer and other accessories for micro pumps applications. Users can match different accessories to adjust the flow rate of the micro pump, filter the gas, eliminate and reduce the airflow noise, eliminate the pulsation of the pump when delivering gas, etc.