Application of high temperature diaphragm pump in CEMS flue gas emission continuous detection system

Application of high temperature diaphragm pump in CEMS flue gas emission continuous detection system

The Continuous Emission Monitoring System is referred to as CEMS. Its function is to continuously monitor the concentration and total emission of gaseous pollutants and particulate matter emitted by air pollution sources and transmit the information to the device of the competent authority in real time. It can monitor stationary pollution sources (such as boilers, boilers, etc.) The concentration (mg/m3) and emission rate (kg/h, t/d, t/a) of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants in the flue gas emitted by industrial furnaces, incinerators, etc. are continuously and real-time tracked and tested.

With the development of environmental protection and the promulgation of energy conservation and emission reduction policies in the national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, as well as the revision and upgrade of air pollutant emission standards in the industry, particulate matter CEMS detection technology is developing in the direction of laser scattering method. At the same time, gaseous pollutant CEMS It will develop in the direction of full spectrum analysis and line spectrum technology. The system will pursue higher accuracy and precision. While improving performance, it will also raise the requirements for equipment maintenance, long-term reliable operation, total ownership cost and operation and maintenance cost. higher requirements.

“Technical Specifications for Continuous Monitoring of Flue Gas (SO2, NOX, Particulate Matter) Emissions from Stationary Pollution Sources” HJ 75-2017 puts forward higher requirements for CEMS flue gas continuous monitoring technology compared with the 2007 standard. According to the latest technical specifications, Hilin Technology has carried out technical iterations on high temperature diaphragm pumps and launched the D29H high temperature diaphragm pump. This product has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high reliability, long life, stable operation, and is easy to Integrate and replace products in existing systems.

Hilin product solution:

Hilin Technology D29H high temperature diaphragm pump is designed and manufactured in accordance with HJ 75-2017 standards and has the following unique advantages:

1. High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The high temperature diaphragm pump head material only contains stainless steel and polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE. It can withstand corrosive chemical materials such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides while working at high temperature.

2. It adopts an innovative stainless steel valve disc structure, which has better strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance than traditional PTFE valve discs.

3. The structure is small and compact, and the weight is significantly reduced to 630g compared with 1500g of competing products, a reduction of up to 58%, which is conducive to installation inside more compact pipelines and equipment, and can be used in portable sampling equipment.

4. Use high-efficiency and long-life BLDC motors to replace AC motors, which greatly improves operating efficiency. On the premise of consistent performance, the power consumption of the entire machine is reduced by 71%.

5. Hilin Technology provides full technical support, 1-year original factory maintenance, long-term consumables and original factory re-manufacturing services, significantly reducing the entire life cycle cost.

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