Application of Miniature Vacuum Pump in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Equipment

Hilin miniature vacuum pump is suitable for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) equipment

Background information:

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (abbreviated as NPWT, also known as vacuum-assisted wound closure) is a new wound treatment technology developed in recent years. First created in 1992, the report of Argenta and Morykwas in 1997 provided experimental and clinical basis for NPWT, which greatly promoted the basic research and clinical application of NPWT. The system has been widely adopted and is now routinely used in open wounds such as open fractures, fasciotomy, ulcers, and infected wounds. Known as Vacuum Assisted Closure (often abbreviated to “VAC”), more modern iterations of the system now offer advanced options to enhance NPWT, such as a range of pressure settings from -40mmHg to -200mmHg, which can be used for different types of Wounds can be customized. The material of the derived foam is Polyurethane (PU) (black) or Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) (white). At present, NPWT has been widely used in various acute and chronic wounds, including acute soft tissue defects, various chronic (pressure, vascular, diabetic) ulcers, dehiscence or infection of surgical incisions, etc. It is especially suitable for all kinds of chronic refractory wounds that are ineffective by traditional surgical methods and wounds that cannot be immediately treated with deterministic surgical wound closure methods such as skin flap transplantation.

Product structure

It is composed of vacuum equipment host, catheter, polymer foam dressing, etc

Moist foam padding or gauze is placed in the wound. Negative pressure suction tubes are either implanted in foam or placed in the middle of foam or gauze and then completely cover the wound site through a transparent dressing. Negative pressure tubing is connected to the collection tank on the NPWT device. The doctor can set the negative pressure therapy device to suction continuously or periodically. When the suction is turned on, the foam padding and wound will shrink (tighten) and bring the wound edges together.

Use the pressure difference inside and outside the wound to remove the fluid on the surface of the wound, improve the blood environment of the wound, and achieve the effect of accelerating wound healing.

Product Parameters:

1)Negative pressure range:50-300mmHg;

2)The miniature vacuum pump is required to be sustainable, controllable and low negative pressure

3)The miniature vacuum pump is required to be silent, low vibration and high efficiency

4) The vacuum miniature vacuum pump can withstand gas components including alcohol vapor, disinfectant vapor, physiological saline water vapor, etc.

Solution–miniature vacuum pump

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) equipment needs the characteristics of low noise, long lifetime and controllable miniature vacuum pump. Combined with our related products, the continuous operation of the full-load test can reach tens of thousands of hours, especially the VBY and C30 series, which have the characteristics of long lifespan, high vacuum, low noise, and small volume, and are especially suitable for vacuum negative pressure therapy instruments.

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