What are the effective solutions of Hilin micro pump to deal with noise and vibration?

Background information

With the development of science and technology, the invention and use of various mechanical equipment has brought progress to human society, but at the same time, the operating noise of these mechanical equipment has also had a profound impact on people’s life and work. A large number of customers often inquire about low noise and vibration micro pumps, especially in the medical industry, where low noise is an important performance requirement for medical devices. Hilin Technology has always regarded “pursuing quality” as one of the core values ​​of the enterprise, so it has also launched many patented technologies in noise and vibration treatment and corresponding low-noise products.

The noise source of the micro pump:

In principle, Hilin micro pumps can be divided into piston reciprocating pumps and diaphragm reciprocating pumps, both of which drive the piston or rubber diaphragm to reciprocate through the motor-driven eccentric mechanism. During the operation of the micro pump, there are three main sources of noise: mechanical noise, vibration noise and airflow noise.

Airflow noise: the noise generated by the high-speed flow of fluid medium in the pump chamber during the operation of the micro pump. After testing, it is found that the airflow noise will be more obvious when the pump with a larger flow rate or the pump motor runs at a higher speed.

Vibration noise: the internal motor of the micro pump drives the eccentric movement of the eccentric wheel mechanism. It is the vibration caused by the centrifugal inertial force generated by this unbalanced rotation that acts on the mechanical structure, as well as the vibration and collision between the pump and the installation structure and the pipeline. which is the main cause of the vibration noise of the diaphragm pump.

Mechanical noise: during the operation of the micro pump, the friction and collision noise generated by the movement of mechanical parts ,such as motor, eccentric wheel and bearing.

The solutions of Vibration and noise reduction:

In order to effectively reduce the noise, Hilintec micro pump adopt a number of technologies, and the noise and vibration of the micro pump are reduced under the joint action of these technical means:

 1. Inertial force dynamic balance technology: through the patented inertia force dynamic balance technology, the centrifugal inertial force generated by the movement of the eccentric wheel mechanism can be balanced, and the vibration and noise generated during the operation of the pump can be effectively controlled. After adopting this technology, the comprehensive vibration level of the micro pump during operation has dropped significantly, and the operation quality and precision performance have been significantly improved.

2. Magnetic elimination movement technology: through the patented magnetic body structure, the axial movement of the motor shaft relative to the stator is controlled by magnetic force, effectively controlling the vibration noise and mechanical noise generated by the motor operation, and eliminating the mechanical movement noise of the motor shaft and bearing when the motor rotates at high speed , and further reduce the mechanical noise.

3.Air silencer: The silencer adopts the principle of sound wave interference to eliminate the high-speed airflow noise during pumping and discharging, and effectively control the airflow noise generated during pump operation. For pumps with large flow rate, The suction port and exhaust port of the pump are respectively connected to a silencer and the noise reduction effect will be better.

4.Use of high-quality mechanical parts: Inferior parts are the main reason for mechanical noise. Hilintec adopts high-quality motors and bearings (such as: nidec motors, NMB bearings) to minimize the noise generated by mechanical movement.

5.Equipped with flexible mounting feet: Hilin micro pumps will be supplied with flexible shock-absorbing mounting feet. The pump is fixed to the equipment through elastic rubber flexible mounting feet, which is similar to using rubber floating rafts to make the pump body float on the installation structure. Above, so as to isolate the vibration of the pump itself, so that it will not collide with the equipment chassis, nor will the vibration be transmitted to the equipment chassis.

6.Special channel design: The vortex generated by the air flow and water flow through the flow channel in the pump body will also cause gas vibration and noise. By optimizing the flow channel involvement of the fluid in the pump, the noise caused by the air flow can be greatly reduced.

7.Noise-isolating pump body design: The structure of the pump body and housing also plays a significant role in isolating the mechanical noise and airflow noise during operation. In the design of the pump body structure, the noise isolation index is included in the design requirements, which also plays a key role in noise control.

Other suggestions

In addition to reducing noise in the design of the pump, users can also take some precautions to further reduce noise and vibration during the use of the pump.

Further reduce airflow noise: the airflow noise can also be eliminated by adding a certain length of pipeline or buffer container at the suction port and exhaust port of the pump.

Further eliminate vibration and noise: Be sure to use the equipped rubber shock-absorbing mounting feet for installation, and use flexible hoses to connect the pipes, which can effectively slow down the vibration and noise from being transmitted outward through the equipment chassis and gas pipelines.

Elimination of mechanical noise: It is possible to reduce mechanical noise by adding sound insulation materials or boxes to the outside of the pump. It should be noted that some high powered micro pumps are equipped with heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation part needs to maintain air circulation. When adding sound insulation measures, the heat dissipation part needs to be exposed to avoid overheating and shutdown of the pump.

Low noise pump recommendation

D23 series high air tight silent air pump: currently the quietest pump in Hilintec, the product  can be applied two patents “inertia force dynamic balance technology” and “magnetic elimination movement technology” at the same time, and comprehensively use flow channel optimization and sealing performance optimization makes the quietness and low vibration of the diaphragm pump reach a new height, and is greatly welcomed in the field of precision instruments. For more product details, please visit the product center to view the product manual.

micro pump

C26/C30/D35 series micro air pump: the noise is second only to the D23 series, the product can apply the patented “inertial force dynamic balance technology” and flexible connection and noise isolation pump body, the flow channel has been specially optimized

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