20 Important Key Features of High Performance Electric Diaphragm Pumps

The diaphragm pump first appeared in the middle of the 18th century. The earliest document was the invention patent of J.Pease in North America in 1854. It is a unique form of positive displacement pump. The motor drives the eccentric to drive the rubber diaphragm inside the pump to reciprocate. When the working chamber becomes larger, the medium enters the working chamber through the inlet one-way valve, and when the working chamber becomes smaller, the working chamber is spit out through the outlet one-way valve, and the pump reciprocates to complete the process of conveying the fluid medium. Diaphragm pumps are also widely used in medical equipment, scientific research, environmental monitoring and other industries because of their small size and long life. This article summarizes the 20 important characteristics of excellent electric diaphragm pumps in terms of electrical properties, mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, hoping to help new and old customers better understand and choose an excellent diaphragm pump.


20 Key Features Lists of High Performance Electric Diaphragm Pump

1.High-quality motor: The selection of high-quality and long-life motors is a necessary condition for the diaphragm pump to ensure continuous and reliable operation for a long time; modern high-performance electric diaphragm pumps usually use a built-in drive BLDC motor, which can be achieved with the cooperation of high-performance bearings. Tens of thousands of hours of stable and reliable work.

2.Low electromagnetic interference: The electromagnetic interference brought by the electric diaphragm pump may affect other equipment around the pump, seriously restricting the application in medical and other fields. The high-quality brushless motor diaphragm pump will not be mechanically commutated like a brushed motor. If electromagnetic interference is generated, it can pass the EMC certification of the European Union, the United States, China and other economies.

3. Multiple speed control modes: In different scenarios, it may be necessary to automatically or manually control the pumping speed of the same pump to achieve different medium transmission rates. The high-performance diaphragm air pump and liquid pump can control the speed of the motor through various signals, so as to realize the adjustment of the flow. Rich signal specifications help simplify the difficulty of system integration.

4. Ultra-long life: High-performance electric diaphragm pumps first need to work stably and reliably for a long time under various working conditions and loads, and their continuous working time often needs to reach tens of thousands of hours. This kind of life requires product parts and design verification. have high requirements. Using high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, as well as strict testing and verification procedures, ensure that the diaphragm pump can operate reliably for a long time under various harsh working conditions.

5.Industrial-grade communication function: As a fluid-driven component in industrial products, the high-performance electric diaphragm pump needs to work together with many other fluid control components to control the start, stop, and rate of fluid transmission, so if it can be used on the pump Integrating industrial-grade communication protocols such as RS-485 and Modbus and other control protocols can facilitate the central system to control and monitor the pump and cooperate with other equipment.

6.Self-protection and alarm feedback: In the above-mentioned industrial control system, it is necessary to monitor the working state of the pump to achieve highly reliable fluid transmission, so whether it can achieve self-protection such as overheating, overload, over-under-voltage and reverse connection , and alarm indication or feedback to the upper computer, it will also have a key impact on the stability of the entire control system, and it can also help maintenance personnel to locate faults and conduct regular maintenance.

7.Adapt to high and low temperature environment: In addition to stable and reliable work at normal temperature, in high temperature environment and low temperature environment, it can also provide corresponding solutions and product customization through special components and designs to meet the application of high and low temperature environments. Scenes.For the extremely low working environment temperature, we have specially developed D17/D25 low ambient temperature miniature diaphragm pump models that can operate reliably in the low temperature environment of minus 20 degrees. heat, giving it good reliability at low temperatures.

8. Adapt to high and low temperature medium: The transmission of high temperature gas and liquid, or the transmission of low temperature gas and liquid, poses challenges for product materials. By customizing special pump head materials and elastic elements, product customization suitable for high and low temperature media can be provided to meet the application scenarios of transmitting high and low temperature media.

9.Excellent elastomer performance: Dynamic and static elastomers such as diaphragms and seals are the core components of the electric diaphragm pump, which not only determines the product life, but also determines the chemical composition and temperature of the medium under which it can operate reliably. It can adapt to ultra-long elastic life under dynamic conditions, and can also ensure static sealing performance in different temperature and chemical environments. The elastomer material used in the high-performance electric diaphragm pump requires long-term testing and research on material technology and chemical composition, and a large amount of experience and data can be accumulated to provide the best performance in various situations.

10.Low shear performance: For diaphragm pumps mainly used to transfer liquids, low shear performance media transmission can reduce the transmission requirements for biologically active and special chemical performance media.

11.Low pulsation : Pulsation refers to the fluctuation of fluid output at any instant relative to the average value. The principle of the electric diaphragm pump determines that its output has flow pulsation, but for special applications, specially designed ground pulsating diaphragms The pump can output fluid smoothly, reducing the impact of pulsation on the pipeline and the impact on fluid metering.C09 is a three-chamber sampling pump developed for low pulsation. Its special pump head design and control system can ensure extremely low airflow fluctuations and smooth and stable output.

12.Various pump head material options: Engineering plastics or metal are generally used as the main material of the pump head, and different material types have different chemical compatibility, mechanical strength and temperature tolerance. The high-performance electric diaphragm pump models are modular in design and can provide a variety of corrosion-resistant material customization options including PP, PC, PA, PPS, etc., as well as PTFE and PVDF with excellent corrosion resistance for different applications to meet complex corrosive and temperature application scenarios.

13.No contamination to the medium: when the high-performance diaphragm pump is working, it does not need lubricating oil to lubricate the moving parts, and the entire pump chamber is in a completely sealed state. This characteristic is especially critical for applications in analytical instruments and biomedical fields.

14. Environmental corrosion resistance: In some application scenarios, the electric diaphragm pump body is exposed to harsh environments. When working in harsh environments, it can resist the erosion and influence of climate, dust and corrosive gases on the pump. Usually, secondary sealing, corrosion-resistant materials, special structural design, etc. can be used to achieve waterproof and dustproof above IP57 level. performance and corrosion resistance.

15.Low energy consumption: The use of high-efficiency drive components reduces the energy consumption of the pump during operation, helps to optimize the design of the power supply system, and greatly improves the use time when using a rechargeable power supply. In addition to this, optimizing the mechanical structure and elastomer design also helps to reduce the system load, thereby reducing energy consumption.

16.Good air tightness: through sealing, the medium transmitted by the pump is isolated from the outside air, preventing the internal medium from leaking to the outside of the pump, and also preventing the outside air from entering the pump and mixing the medium. This feature is called air. tightness. Good air tightness is determined by the design of the sealing mechanism and the quality management of the manufacturer. For example, whether the manufacturer has a complete air tightness test tool and test standard, and whether it can provide the product air tightness factory test and inspection report. These processes and standards represent whether the manufacturer strictly manages the quality related to the air tightness of the product.Taking the mechanical seal structure as an example, the D23 diaphragm air pump adopts a fully sealed diaphragm, and a double seal structure is designed in the pump head. and other application fields have a wide range of applications

17.Low noise and vibration: The mechanical movement of electric diaphragm pump and the flow of the medium will bring noise and vibration when the pump is working. Lower mechanical vibration means less energy loss and less friction. How to provide the lowest possible fluid noise and mechanical noise when working has always been a difficulty in the design of micro-diaphragm pumps. In terms of noise reduction, the elastomer material can be optimized, the flow channel can be optimized, and the noise reduction mechanism can be added. To reduce vibration, it is necessary to balance the inertial force through a special mechanism, and adopt a flexible connection method to isolate and prevent vibration from being transmitted to the outside of the pump.We have rich engineering experience in reducing noise and vibration, and can provide customers with a variety of products with noise below 50dB

18. Customizable gas connectors: In different industrial systems, the requirements for the pneumatic connectors of the electric diaphragm pump are various. In addition to the common  used hose connectors, it is often necessary to connect hard pipes of different materials and dimensions. Therefore, some miniature diaphragm pumps can provide modular customized connectors to meet the pipeline connection requirements of different materials and different specifications, and can be quickly integrated into various pipeline systems. These connector types include: hose connectors, PC6 PC8 push-in connectors, R1/8 internal thread, etc.

Various Connector Options

19. Modular customization: According to different chemical resistance requirements, reliability requirements, size requirements and cost requirements, product characteristics can be quickly customized according to modular components to meet the special needs of different applications. On the basis of modular customization, rich product versions can be combined for customers to choose according to different control functions and different life spans.  

20.Continuous full-load operation: The electric diaphragm pump may operate either at atmospheric pressure (no load) or at its maximum positive pressure or maximum negative pressure. The most common situation is to work at a pressure point within the maximum pressure range. Based on reliability considerations, a highly reliable diaphragm pump should be able to work at full load (the maximum nominal pressure of the pump) for 24 hours without stopping, and the working life under the maximum pressure can be marked and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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