New product release–S20 new generation high-performance mini diaphragm liquid pump

The S20 liquid pump is a high-performance mini diaphragm liquid pump developed by Hilin Technology starting in 2019 and launched after four years of hard work.

mini diaphragm liquid pump

High-performance mini diaphragm liquid pump will encounter multiple challenges during operation, such as life and reliability under high working pressure, tolerance to various highly corrosive chemical medium, sealing performance under high pressure, and noise during operation. The impact of vibration on instruments and equipment, valve adhesion and self-priming reliability issues after extracting viscous liquids, etc.

In response to the above problems, in order to meet a wide range of customer needs and application scenarios, Hilin Technology has worked hard on the road of independent research and innovation during the R&D and design process of the S20 mini diaphragm liquid pump, adopting a variety of new technologies, new structures, new materials, and new Technology and new processes, thanks to the accumulation of early technical research and development and test data and the joint efforts of leading suppliers, S20 has achieved another leap in product quality and performance.

1.Modular design enables flexible matching of core components, materials, and processes of products, enabling rapid customized production and delivery at the shortest R&D cycle and lowest cost:

Mini diaphragm liquid pumps need to be integrated into liquid circuit systems in different industries. The working points, working conditions, media, pipeline types, power supply and control systems used by customers vary greatly depending on the industry. Even the same customer may have different requirements for fluid properties in different projects and systems. Hilin Technology has always provided rapid customized services based on customer needs and has been widely praised and recognized by customers.

S20 started planning and designing the components, materials, and structure of the product from the product thinking of modular design at the beginning of product planning. , so that we can provide customers with cheap and fast various customized services at the lowest cost. Customers can choose various pump heads, joints, materials, and motors as needed, just like doing multiple-choice questions. After obtaining various customized models with corrosion resistance, pressure and flow, Hilin factory immediately carries out MTO production to order according to the customer’s choice, so that the customized products have fast delivery time and low cost advantages that are comparable to standard products.

2. High output pressure, and can continuously operate under high output pressure conditions, providing continuous power for inkjet and cleaning applications:

S20 is a mini diaphragm liquid pump with a wide range of working pressures. It can work under a negative pressure of -35kPa, sucking liquid into the pump chamber from a negative pressure container or from a lower place less than 3.5m below the installation position of the pump body. It can also be used in The liquid is output under a positive pressure of +600kPa, that is, the liquid lift exceeds 60 meters.

The specially designed and process-optimized pressure-resistant diaphragm and pump body can not only output high-pressure liquid, but also ensure continuous working life under rated high output pressure. When the S20 is connected to a micro atomizing nozzle, sufficient working pressure can create ideal micro atomized water droplets; when connected to a needle nozzle, it can output a strong high-pressure water column.

3.The use of high-end corrosion-resistant materials can meet the chemical compatibility performance under various corrosive medium applications:

In the face of various corrosive medium, Hilin Technology has introduced fluorine rubber options in addition to conventional EPDM rubber materials in the selection of rubber and sealing materials, and together with first-line special rubber material suppliers, Developed perfluoro rubber (FFKM) valve plates and sealing systems with excellent corrosion resistance; we also applied revolutionary resistant materials such as polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that are widely praised in the industry. Corrosive materials, a wide range of corrosion-resistant material options, make the S20 compatible with various types of strong oxidants, strong acids, strong alkali and organic solvents, and can be widely used in the transmission of highly corrosive liquids, flushing, disinfection, cleaning and inkjet applications.

4.Optimize the pressure-resistant structure and increase the pressure-resistant capacity of the mini diaphragm liquid pump from 500kPa to 800kPa:

In order to meet the sealing and pressure resistance performance for high-pressure applications, Hilin Technology’s R&D personnel comprehensively referenced the design features of a variety of high-pressure liquid pumps in the structural design, and made multiple improvements, such as the use of glass fiber reinforced polyethylene. Phenyl sulfide (PPS) engineering plastic is used as the pressure-resistant pump body, which reduces the pressure-resistant pump body structural parts from 3 pieces to 2 pieces. It simplifies the number of parts and also reduces seal failure links, and optimizes and strengthens the pressure-resistant pump.

The sealing and tightening pressure of the body parts makes the sealing pressure resistance performance of the S20 product reach a level of 800kPa (0.8mPa) that completely surpasses the competition. In addition to strengthening the pressure resistance of the mini diaphragm liquid pump body, S20 also improves the reliability of pipeline connections and prevents high pressure The pipe protrusion has also been specially optimized. When used under high pressure conditions, a ferrule-type pipe sealing joint can be optionally equipped to obtain greater pipe pressure-resistant connection reliability.

5.The anti-adhesion one-way valve structure achieves excellent self-priming stability:

In order to minimize the “industry problem” of self-priming failure caused by the one-way valve sticking to the mini diaphragm liquid pump after pumping liquid of a certain viscosity, Hilin Technology has made significant enhancements and improvements to the product structure during the S20 development process. For example, the single The surface sealing structure of the valve plate is changed to a line sealing structure to reduce medium retention and adhesion area; by introducing fluid-structure calculation simulation and 3D printing technology, the working dead zone of the positive displacement pump is minimized, thereby exceeding similar foreign imported products. A higher suction negative pressure of 12% can achieve more stable and reliable self-priming performance.

6.Multiple motor options covering a wide range of lifespans and price ranges:

The S20 product uses a variety of motor options such as DC brush motors, conventional brushless motors, and specially customized brushless motors with reinforced bearings. It can be used for customers who use it intermittently, customers who work continuously under medium and low loads for a long time, and customers who work under long-term high pressure and high load. Provide customers with the most appropriate configuration options, which not only meet the high reliability requirements under harsh working conditions, but also meet the cost-effective options for cost-first applications. The rich motor options also give users a wider range of choices in terms of power supply voltage, speed control mode, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.

7. Excellent and linear flow regulation control characteristics:

In order to achieve stable liquid output flow control, S20 can control the motor speed through PWM signals and optimizes the speed-flow characteristics. Under the joint action of the motor controller control program and the dual-chamber dual-diaphragm structure, the S20’s Compared with conventional single-chamber mini diaphragm liquid pumps, the speed control curve shows better linearity, allowing customers to easily adjust and control the output flow of the mini diaphragm liquid pump through programs and control signals in various applications.

At present, the S20 new generation high-performance mini diaphragm liquid pump has begun prototype testing for initial users, and will continue to follow customer feedback for further iterations and improvements. Hilin Technology adheres to the core values ​​of creating value for customers and is willing to work with all users to jointly promote the continuous progress of mini diaphragm liquid pump technology and product quality. If you would like to obtain further product information about the S20 high-performance mini diaphragm liquid pump, or apply for prototype testing, please contact us.

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