How to Choose a Gas Sampling Mini Pump?

Gas sampling is an important link in the gas monitoring and analysis industry, and the gas sampling mini pump is the power source for collecting gas and plays a very important role in the sampling process. How to choose a reasonable gas sampling mini pump? It is recommended that users consider their own working conditions. To start, consider the following aspects:

About gas sampling mini pump:

1. First of all, the most important factor in choosing a gas sampling mini pump is not to pollute the medium. If the pump will pollute the transmission medium, then the sampled gas and water will have no significance for detection. Therefore, the diaphragm pump is a good choice and will not pollute the sampling medium. The gas causes pollution, and at the same time it has a certain strength of acid and alkali corrosion resistance;

2. Secondly, the power supply method. Sampling pumps are mostly portable devices, so they generally use low-voltage power supply, such as DC5v, 12v, 24v and other low-voltage direct current modules. Lithium batteries can provide stable power supply, have long battery life, and can be recharged repeatedly;

3. Then comes the flow and pressure. Users need to calculate the approximate range of required parameters based on their actual usage conditions, and choose a gas sampling mini pump that matches the parameters, or a gas sampling mini pump that is slightly larger than the parameters. The reason is that the manufacturer’s test parameters The environment is mostly no-load. However, in actual use, due to the influence of pipeline load, seals, elbows and other parameters, the actual parameters of the pump may be slightly lower than the nominal values.

Therefore, sufficient margin must be left when selecting an air pump; There is another factor that customers need to pay attention to – the stability of the flow. The working principle of the diaphragm pump determines that its flow has a certain pulsation (the flow pulsation is relatively small when the motor is working at high speed). If the customer The sampling process requires very stable flow, then you can use a three-chamber pump, such as our company’s C09 vacuum pump, which has smooth flow and stable performance;

4. The Next is the lifetime, which is also a very important indicator to measure the pump. There is a significant difference between the life of industrial-grade products and civilian-grade products. The life of civilian-grade products is shorter, mostly within 1000 hours. This type of pump is not suitable for use. Industrial equipment use. Take our gas sampling mini pump as an example for industrial-grade products, which can operate at full load for 24 hours continuously, and the life of the air pump can be more than 2,500–10,000 hours. Users should choose pumps with different lifespans based on actual working conditions;

5. Volume, weight, and price. These three parameters can be considered comprehensively. Due to different manufacturers, there will be differences in molds, parts, etc., which will have a relatively large impact on the appearance, price, and weight. The above five parameters must be guaranteed. In the case of parameters, you can give priority to products with consistent size and high cost performance.

Environmental working conditions:

1. Whether there are suspended particles in the sampled gas. If particles are sucked into the pump body, it may cause diaphragm wear, so a filter or water filter needs to be added to the air inlet end;

2. Whether the medium temperature of the sampled gas is normal temperature (0℃-50℃). If it exceeds this range, special temperature customization is required. Our gas sampling mini pump can customize the medium temperature from -15℃ to 100℃. When choosing a sampling pump, customers need to consider the actual working conditions and start from the above aspects to select an air pump that meets the requirements.

3. The working environment temperature of the pump. Generally, the working temperature of gas sampling mini pump products is 5-40 degrees Celsius. The rated working environment temperature of our company’s products is 0-50 degrees Celsius. If you need to work in a higher environment, our company can also provide special devices and Customized products of materials.

Our company’s C09, C26, C30 and other series of pumps can be used as sampling pumps. They have stable flow, long life and high stability. They can also be customized for high and low temperatures,  It can meet customers’ various usage scenarios and is an ideal choice as a sampling pump.

gas sampling mini pump

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