Hilintec Gas Pulsation Elimination Technology

Gas Pulsation Elimination Technology

1.1 What is the pulsation of gas

A common volumetric air pump is a mechanical air pump that uses periodic changes in the internal volume of the air pump to achieve gas inhalation and discharge. The principle can be briefly described as follows: There is a piston/diaphragm inside the air pump, which can move back and forth in the pump body.

When the piston/diaphragm moves outward, the volume inside the air pump increases, and the pressure inside the air pump is lower than the pressure of the outside gas, so the outside air is sucked into the inside of the air pump. When the piston/diaphragm moves inward, the volume inside the air pump decreases, at this time the pressure inside the air pump is higher than the outside air pressure, so the gas inside the air pump is compressed and discharged.

This kind of air pump can realize the suction and discharge of gas through periodic mechanical movement, but it also brings a problem: periodic mechanical movement makes the fluid unstable and irregular, and will generate corresponding pressure and flow The change. These changes are irregular in time and space, and often manifest as periodic fluctuations. This fluid fluctuation is called pulsation

1.2 The influence of gas pulsation

The pulsation of gas will affect the fields of fluid dynamics and heat transfer, mainly including the following aspects:


The pulsation of the gas will cause noise inside the pipeline, which will have a negative impact on the operating quality of the equipment and the surrounding environment, and will also affect the normal operation of the mechanical equipment.


Gas pulsations cause increased resistance within the pipeline, reducing fluid transfer capacity and efficiency.


Gas pulsation will vibrate pipelines and devices, resulting in fatigue and damage to pipelines, gas circuit components and mechanical structures

Data Fluctuation

In the field of gas analysis, it is necessary to measure various indicators such as gas composition, concentration, gas flow, temperature, and pressure through sensors. When the gas flow is in a pulsating state, the output data of the sensor also fluctuates, resulting in difficulties in accurate data acquisition and analysis. difficulty.

Therefore, when designing and optimizing mechanical equipment such as fluid systems and analytical instruments, it is necessary to consider the impact of gas pulsation, and take corresponding measures to reduce gas pulsation and improve the operating efficiency and stability of systems and equipment.

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