Micro Pump Product Introduction-S15 Series Compact Brushless Motor Diaphragm Liquid Pump

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S15 Series Compact Brushless Motor Diaphragm Liquid Pump
S15 series is a kind of compact liquid-gas dual-purpose miniature diaphragm pump, also known as micro vacuum water pump. It has the functions of liquid pump and micro vacuum pump. It can be used to transfer liquids and liquid-gas mixed media.
It can be dry running and self-priming, and does not contaminate the conveyed medium. The flow rate of this type of micro pump when transferring liquid is> 0.03L/min, the average flow rate when transferring gas is> 0.56L/min, the maximum pumping height is 1.5 meters, and the maximum drainage height is 2 meters.

■Wide voltage, compact size, adjustable speed
■No-load pure water flow: 20mL/min
■No-load gas flow: 0.2L/min
■Relative vacuum: -14kPa
■Overall life: Premium version>10000hrs
■Input voltage: 3.2~6V...